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GameZone Notice

2017.04.15 12:53

게임존 조회 수:14468

Hello "Game Zone" is.
1. Game Zone does not accept cash transactions and cash inducements, and is subject to permanent deportation when caught, such as through cash transactions and cash induction.
  1-1. All postings uploaded to the game zone are independent of the game zone and are the uploader's programming material sharing community site.
2. A person who has earned points through illegal gambling is subject to the provisions (permanent deportation).
3. Pornography, gambling games and other illegal sites are subject to the provisions of the promotion (permanent deportation).
4. Hacking attempts, DDOS attacks, etc., are subject to legal penalties for attacks on the homepage. (Cyber ​​investigation report and civil litigation)
5. Program-down permission is available from one or more 10,000 Points ( Payment : 
 kakao Talk - ID : vhrgh )
    - Server Pack Knowledge Zone (Advanced Knowledge Zone): The article will be posted only if you pay the guarantee fee point when you publish the material.
    30% of the points you set will be paid to the creator each time another user receives the article.
(Example: ** Set 1,000 points for publishing -> 1,000 points deduction for your own ID -> Other users download the material -> 300 points for the author's ID)
   - Certification materials: Points are paid after confirming the manager (personal data, non-public data, etc.)
   (In case of personal data or non-public data, the administrator will receive a separate point coupon after confirmation)
      When posting, posts will be redeemed for points through links. (Limit the number of times the link is used)
   Attendance check: 300 points per day (automatic attendance check at login)
   TIP: The first time you encountered a game zone, you have no skills, no knowledge, no files.
    If you have difficulty acquiring points, please post them in the game-related materials and contents of the game site
    Points will be paid normally even if you write. However, if you upload other site's articles,
7. Game Zone - Intellectuals: Points can be awarded when writing.
   The answer will be given to one person.
   (For example, if 100 points are given and 100% is selected, 100 points will be added to the answer)

8. Free Board - Write freely (You can write 5 articles per day. 200point are used ffor writing

9. Report board - Please leave various reports related to construction fraud, cash transactions, cash induction, illegal libel and gambling game promotion.
  Be sure to include evidence such as screenshots when writing.
10. One line advertisement - You can create one line advertisement using your own points.
  (Please use a single line advertisement with points such as game promotion, construction inquiry, intellectual etc.)
11. How to do business: After completing 10,000 points, apply to the application form for the business application (points will not be deducted during business)
12. When uploading game zone, upload irrelevant duplicate data & upload illegal data without content, and acquire illegal points.
- Upload the data after changing the name of the same pack name or manipulating the capacity by copying and deleting some data (deletion of post without prior notice and collection of points)
- Deliberately upload duplicate material deliberately (delete posts without prior notice and collect points)
- In case of illegal act for paying points (deprivation of downloading rights)
- Data deletion and point collection without prior notice when uploading contents without contents
  - If there are no points to deduct using the points obtained after uploading the contents without content, the member will be demoted.
  - Alert action ID and IP will be checked for the same action through subaccount, and will be permanently remediated in the corresponding ID and IP band. (1 time = demotion, 2 times = permanent limit)
13. Game Zone Administrators are not involved in the activities of users.
  - Chatting through the chat in the game zone and fighting between users is a problem between users and administrators are not involved.

    However, you can be subject to the game zone manager for extremely impure personnel in the game zone. (Chat ban, permanent ban)
14. When uploading materials that have nothing to do with bulletin board tendency, it is verified after the data is uploaded, and the person who abused it is subject to permanent deportation.
15. Manager impersonation and acquaintance
  - Imposing a manager, or being a manager's acquaintance, will be subject to permanent enforcement if you intimidate other users.
16. Game Zone Attack
  - Game Zone Operations There have been several game zone attacks through individuals or groups.
     Internet DDOS attack and packet attack are illegal and can be subject to legal punishment. Currently, three
     There have been cases of complaints and penalties. Please note that server attacks can be a legal punishment even if it is a joke.
   Ps. Gaming zone manager or friend of the close friend of the rumor to the abuse of the * slander by filing a complaint for defamation, anonymous user has been punished.
        This is a measure not to happen anymore, and if there is a topic about the game zone in the future, you have to resolve the dispute among the people concerned.
        Additionally, if you are willing to pay a settlement to help keep the game zone in operation during server attacks, you can always attack and pay a settlement.


17. Gaming zones are always looking for an assistant for game zones such as programming, design, web design, photoshop, etc. The assistant pays a separate point.
 (Eg game zone member icon creation, game zone banner creation, slide image creation, etc.)

18. points can be purchased (paypal) 

 Questions = kakao Talk (vhrgh)

19. Please contact the game zone operator (GM Game Zone) regarding affiliate sites and banner inquiries.

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